ILN @ Continuum, Boston, MA

First of all, I woud like to thank the awesome team at Continuum for hosting the latest ILN event in Boston.

The schedule was light and after a meet and greet, we broke into workshops to apply consumer trends to healthcare design which was led by Yuhgo Yamaguchi, Principal, Continuum.

My group applied the consumer trend of subscriptions to Colonoscopies. People are usually hesitant to get colonoscopy for a variety of reasons, (stigma, unpleasantness, inconvenience).By setting up a subscription package, we aimed to solve the issue of inconvenience. While our solution probably would not work realistically, Mr. Yamaguchi led us on an interesting conversation on applying the latest consumer trends to healthcare problems. This approach mirrors the approach used by User experience designers like myself, when designing user interfaces.


Punit Dharani & Team during mini workshop session


Thank you once again to the team at ILNBoston and Continuum for hosting this event.

Check out more of their work at ILNBoston

And if you like what you see, check out more posts by Punit Dharani here




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