Conversation on Connection Pooling with Node

Interested read over at our friends in /r/node

A post on by user, unutbu:

MySQL servers are configured to handle a fixed limited number of connections. It’s not a good practice to tie up a connection that you are not using constantly. So typically you should close the connection as soon as you are done with it, and reconnect only when you need it again. MySQLdb’s connections are context mangagers, so you could use the with-statement syntax to make closing the connection automatic.

connection = MySQLdb.connect(
host=config.HOST, user=config.USER,
passwd=config.PASS, db=config.MYDB, )
with connection as cursor:
# the connection is closed for you automatically
# when Python leaves the `with-suite`.
For robustness, you might want to use try..except to handle the case when (even on the first run) connect fails to make a connection.

Having said that, I would just put it in a crontab entry and dispense with sleeping.

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